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Speak Now


Hello everyone!

We are in November now, and I can’t believe how fast this year has gone! Living in a big city has quite a lot of perks, and with having so much to do, you don’t even realize how much time has gone by. Lately, situations with friends and strangers has got me thinking about the topic of honesty, or more specifically – speaking your mind.

We have all been in that situation where we want to speak about something but we outweigh the pro’s and con’s because we think about how it may affect someone.  But how do you determine if you should speak now or hold something inside? Well folks, I thought of something that may help with your next ‘speak now’ dilemma.

When you find yourself in that situation, ask yourself three questions:

Is it kind?  (Don’t say it, if it isn’t nice)

Is it true? (It can be honest but is it truthful to the other person?)

Is it necessary? (Is your statement required? Will it aid the situation? Or will it damage it?)

To elaborate, here’s an example of something people do not normally say.

Would you tell a stranger that you think they have an ugly outfit? Would you? Because if you would, then you are seriously rude. But, the reasons why most people don’t say this to a stranger is because it is not kind, it is not fact (true), and it is DEFINITELY not necessary.

While we each have a voice in this world and I think it is a tool that we should use more often, there is always going to be that fine line between “to say” or ” not to say”.

Having a voice is powerful, but mindfulness is even greater. 

Be kind. Stay true. Be you.


Crop top from Topshop

Skirt from Marshalls

Boots from Clarks


Until next time,

xoxox Jess

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Under the Moonlight


ootd tom2.jpg

Hello everyone,

There is something beautiful about city skylines. I love the way the Toronto skyline looks at night. The way all the city lights reflect onto the water. It just illuminates a feeling that ‘you can do anything in this moment’. Don’t you think ?

Tonight was a special night as TOM* (Toronto Men’s Fashion week) begins its 2017 season of runway shows. Saturday night was TOM*’S Opening Party at Rebel Nightclub.

Social events can make anybody nervous. Going up to strangers can seem daunting to some of us. And deciding what outfit to wear can be even more troublesome.  But we sometimes need to remember that everyone feels this way sometime or another. And hey- parties are supposed to be fun. The event was full of really fun people and I am glad that I was had the opportunity to attend.  I wore this black bodycon dress from Dynamite and my black booties from Clarks.

Hope all of you are doing amazing!

Until next time,

xoxox Jess

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In my mind 

Hello Everyone! What has been new ? I am officially a brunette now! I went from blonde to a golden brown for the fall. I am quite happy the way the colour turned out, since I dyed it at home. What do you think? For my outfit, the occasion was food (haha I am being… Continue reading In my mind 

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Dinner on the cruise

Hello Everyone!

This dress was actually gifted to me from my bestie, and I hadn’t had a place to wear it! I was glad I was able to dress up while on vacation in the Caribbean seas. This is a pretty sexy little black dress that hugs every curve of your body! I love the high neckline of the dress and there is an open back. I still have so many photos from my trip that I am excited to share, so  I will be keeping ya’ll posted 🙂

until next time,

xoxo Jess

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Hello everyone,

Being 19, clubbing is a frequent thing. While half the fun of going out is getting ready and having some drinks with your girls, it gives you the opportunity to put together some outfits! Getting ready should be something every 20 something woman should do. It makes you feel good and having your friends around makes it so much more fun. Agreed?Saturday night, my friends and I went to a country bar. Jeans were a must for this outfit! I wore my light wash jeans and button down shirt for H&M. Paired  this with some cool strappy heels from Aldo!

Until next GNO,

xoxo Jess

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Ragging Red


Hello Everyone!

This week was a short one but regardless I am so happy about the weekend! Friday was a girls night in, we decided to watch movies, eat crepes and dress up. All in good fun haha! This is a simple look to wear during the holiday season. Red dress is from Old Navy, Boots are by Clarks shoes. Red lipstick by the maybeline colour riche collection (they are amazing!).

Until next time,

xoxox Jess

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Oh no!

Hi everybody 🙂

Last night we hosted a country theme bar night so I had do dress up for the theme obvs! I’m wearing a red tank top from old navy, denim shorts from forever 21, boots by fergalicious and a plaid shirt from stitches around my waist.

Check out my instagram, I love it !

Until next time

Xoxox Jess