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Lost in your light


Hello everyone!

The struggle of winter is here. I call it the winter-wardrobe syndrome. It is that tine of year when I  want to rewind and have summer back. Winters in Toronto fluctuate. Some winters are horribly cold and slushy, others mild and cozy. This becomes a problem for fashion forward people.

What do you wear to look fashionable but that allows you to keep warm ? I find it difficult. A couple of weeks back, some friends and I went to a warehouse sale in Mississauga.  I came back with such amazing items but they were not necessarily “Winter ready”.

This week Dua Lipa was having a concert and I wanted to style these high waisted sport pants, that is when I got stumped. I wanted to style an outfit in a certain way but I needed to be conscious of the weather. In this outfit, I styled these pants with a lacey black tank top and my signature booties from Clarks (I wore a winter coat on top of this). Dua Lipa was AMAZING!  Let me know how you dress for the colder season.


Tank top – vintage/thrift.

Pants – Guess?

Boots- Clarks

Backpack – H&M

Until next time,

xoxox Jess

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Independent Woman


outfit twdy4

Hello everyone,

Is there such a thing as being too independent?

This is not anything new to me. Friends and acquaintances have told me numerous times that I am a very independent person. But now I’m questioning if being independent is a good or bad thing. Can you become too independent?

We can assume that being overly dependent or co-dependent  can be unhealthy. But I think that there is also flaws in becoming too independent.

And yes- I do pride myself in being an independent woman. I pay rent, buy groceries, go shopping and volunteer by myself. But being independent doesn’t just mean paying your own way. It is about taking care of yourself and because of that, when everything you do is for yourself the flaw is that it can be a lot of pressure. If you are always “taking care of business” you miss out on experiences with other people and you can become rigid.

For example, when you let others help you with something that you’re having trouble with, you are  demonstrating that you trust in them. Letting your guard down to let someone else help control a situation can make the other person feel good. Many people enjoy doing kind gestures for others. Maybe sparing your pride and being flexible for a moment can be beneficial. When you do everything on your own you build a routine and sometimes forget to step out of that routine to cultivate new experiences with others.

So what do you think? Is being too independent a thing? Should we try to learn a balance of the two?


Skirt from Winners

Crop top from Urban Planet

Jacket from Laura


Until next time,

xox Jess


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Begin Again


Hello everyone,

*please excuse the poor quality of the photo above

Welcome to 2017 – we made it !  A new year represents the chance to begin again. A popular topic would be to discuss new year resolutions, but to be honest, I find that notion slightly dated. Since a resolution means that you make a firm decision to do or not to do something. My ‘resolution’ is to not make any concrete decisions. I feel 2017 is the perfect time to make less decisions and be more carefree.

This year- all that I hope to achieve is to take on the opportunities that help me grow. These opportunities can be self-created, be given, and may change aspects of my life. Maybe I will want to learn a new skill, be more spontaneous, be given a dilemma, or become a morning person (that won’t happen).

A new year allows us to focus on the aspects of ourselves that we might of missed in the previous year. 

What are your thoughts about resolutions? Do you have any in mind ? What opportunities are you hoping for in 2017?


Black Dress from Urban Planet

Until next time,

xoxo  Jess


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Trust in Progress

jess3.jpgjsss2.jpgjess photo1.jpg

Hello everyone,

It has been a while since I posted a look (sorry!). Life has finally caught up to me and I have been very busy juggling work, friends and time for myself. I came across this quote from a novel called `The Book of Tomorrow` that has resonated with me.

“You should not try to stop everything from happening. Sometimes you are meant to feel emotions that are not necessarily enjoyable. It is because they are necessary to getting to the next part of yourself.“ (*altered/shortened)

I found this to be a powerful message for anyone. Looking back, so much has changed since I decided to move to a new city and start a new job. All the emotions and experiences surrounding this has been a roller coaster but no doubt worth every minute. That is why I titled this post `Trust in Progress`because sometimes we forget to trust the progress we are doing and going to make within our lives. Time has a funny way of revealing things to us. And what we should focus on is the progress we are making now. What can I do now to make me happier, to make my loved ones happier? It is important to have trust in ourselves that we are doing everything we can to get to the next chapter of our lives. Hopefully in the next few days you too can reflect and discover how much you have grown as time has gone by.

I would like to wish everyone an amazing holiday season! I am heading to Mexico for a family Christmas vacation that I am so excited about.

For this post I had my friend & photographer Armando take these incredible photos for this grunge look.

The outfit: 

Bodysuit by La Vie En Rose

Jeans and belt  from H&M

Jean jacket from Abercrombie (mens)

Duster coat from H&M

L`Oreal burgundy Lipstick

until next time,

xoxox Jess







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Fall Essentials 

Hello everyone ! Today is Friday and that means it’s time for the weekend , who doesn’t like the sound of that ? Tomorrow night is the famous Nuit Blanche in Toronto. This will be my first time attending and exploring the late night foods and art work around the city. As the weather cools… Continue reading Fall Essentials 

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In my mind 

Hello Everyone! What has been new ? I am officially a brunette now! I went from blonde to a golden brown for the fall. I am quite happy the way the colour turned out, since I dyed it at home. What do you think? For my outfit, the occasion was food (haha I am being… Continue reading In my mind 

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City Gleam

Hello everyone !

September is the month of “happenings”. There is The TIFF, where celebrities from all over are staying in the city of Toronto. And with the cooler breeze coming out, everyone’s grabbing their bomber and leather jackets.

Fall is my favourite style season. The colour palette of dark greens, burgundies and purples look amazing on every piece at every store! I can’t resist statement jackets and tailored jeans.

It has been a fun month so far exploring new parts of Toronto and my good friend has moved back to the city, and we have been planning to visit places like the AGO and the Ripleys Aquarium.

So I challenge you to explore your city and see what adventures come up!


Top from Winners

Duster coat and shorts are from Forever 21

Necklace from a boutique in The Netherlands

Photographs were taken by my friend, Armando. Go check out his page : @armando_lazcano