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Lost in your light


Hello everyone!

The struggle of winter is here. I call it the winter-wardrobe syndrome. It is that tine of year when I  want to rewind and have summer back. Winters in Toronto fluctuate. Some winters are horribly cold and slushy, others mild and cozy. This becomes a problem for fashion forward people.

What do you wear to look fashionable but that allows you to keep warm ? I find it difficult. A couple of weeks back, some friends and I went to a warehouse sale in Mississauga.  I came back with such amazing items but they were not necessarily “Winter ready”.

This week Dua Lipa was having a concert and I wanted to style these high waisted sport pants, that is when I got stumped. I wanted to style an outfit in a certain way but I needed to be conscious of the weather. In this outfit, I styled these pants with a lacey black tank top and my signature booties from Clarks (I wore a winter coat on top of this). Dua Lipa was AMAZING!  Let me know how you dress for the colder season.


Tank top – vintage/thrift.

Pants – Guess?

Boots- Clarks

Backpack – H&M

Until next time,

xoxox Jess

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So Chic



Hello Everyone,

What an incredible week! From discovering new eateries (the Pie Comission), to going to concerts (Catfish and The Bottlemen), attending house parties and catching up with friends, this was an eventful week. We are in the month of May but it seems like Toronto missed the memo. It has not been the best weather with cold and rainy temperatures. And sometimes it creates a mood of laziness that is physically draining.

But with friends coming back from vacation and finishing school, I have been out of the house for most of the week. Saturday was reserved for a long awaited date night catching up with a friend over sushi (yum!). I love this flowy red-lace top from Dynamite that I paired with simple black leggings from Garage, and my black booties by Clarks.

On our date night, we got talking about our summer memories and how much we’re READY for beach days again. And you know for most girls who like shopping for shoes or beauty, I LOVE shopping for swimwear (I own like 7 swimsuits). And especially now when there are so many styles to choose from!

Adore Me is a great place to begin as they have extensive collections that have an array of sizes for every body type. I personally love the Dallys two piece swimsuit- its so flattering and sexy! Another favourite is this fiery red bikini!



If you are a swimwear addict like me- check out Adore Me! You can get $10 off by using the code SWIMSET10 on any Swimwear (VIP/PAYG orders).

Until next time,

xoxox Jess

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Hello everyone,

Do you remember what you wanted to be as a kid?

When I was younger I had several ideas of what I wanted to become. The ideas started from wanting to become an author, to fashion designer, chef, to entrepreneur. My reality today is that I work as a social media strategist and radio tracker.

I read something the other day that made me think of my childhood aspirations.

“How do you want to be remembered ?”

This is a powerful statement, and  I use it to develop strategies in my work as well as my personal life. Defining how you want to be remembered is the first step to moving forward, obtain goals and happiness. It can be applied to many situations; How do you want to be remembered when you die? How do you want your peers to remember you? Your friends? Yourself ?

After some thought I came to this conclusion, I want to be remember for my honesty, my independence, my strength, my work and my loyal relationships with others. Step two would be to reflect on this. For all the things I want to be remembered for, they should reflect what I am currently doing. Are you doing things in your life that reflect how you want to be remembered?

This is definitely a process but reflection helps us get back on track!


Dress (that was too short, so I wore it as a top) from Urban Planet

Jeans from H&M

Boots from Clarks Shoes


Until next time,

xoxox Jess

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Hello Everyone,

Last night I saw the latest thriller by M night shyamalan, Split. Also, I really love James McAvoy. The movie incorporated some jumping and comedic scenes. I though it was well done but nothing note worthy. But if thrillers are your thing, go see the film !

It`s a fantasy, just a fantasy. Lately, my mind has been fantasising  about EVERYTHING. From achieving promotions at work, to buying an amazing Rag & Bone leather jacket, and let`s not forget those romantic fantasies too (knight in shining armor stuff).

Not sure if I should be concerned by this or let it be. Fantasies are healthy because they can help us realise what we are seeking in life… but if you go overboard you can get step outside of reality a little too far.

What are things you day dream about ? Has a fantasy been taken too far ?


Jeans by H&M

Top (dress that I am wearing as a shirt) from Urban Planet

Scarf from Bluenotes

belt from H&M

boots by Clarks


until next time,

xoxox Jess

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Begin Again


Hello everyone,

*please excuse the poor quality of the photo above

Welcome to 2017 – we made it !  A new year represents the chance to begin again. A popular topic would be to discuss new year resolutions, but to be honest, I find that notion slightly dated. Since a resolution means that you make a firm decision to do or not to do something. My ‘resolution’ is to not make any concrete decisions. I feel 2017 is the perfect time to make less decisions and be more carefree.

This year- all that I hope to achieve is to take on the opportunities that help me grow. These opportunities can be self-created, be given, and may change aspects of my life. Maybe I will want to learn a new skill, be more spontaneous, be given a dilemma, or become a morning person (that won’t happen).

A new year allows us to focus on the aspects of ourselves that we might of missed in the previous year. 

What are your thoughts about resolutions? Do you have any in mind ? What opportunities are you hoping for in 2017?


Black Dress from Urban Planet

Until next time,

xoxo  Jess


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Edge of Mystery


Hello Everyone!

“I love you. Don’t you mind, don’t you mind.” – The 1975

The countdown is on, and The 1975 will be playing at the Air Canada Centre in the next week. Following The Killers and The Kooks, the 1975 have been my new favourite band. I am so excited to listen to them live.

Saturday was a day out. Started the morning off by seeing a movie at 9:30 am. Yes – I did wake up early for something, on a weekend. It was free movies at Cineplex on Oct 22nd for community day so I thought… why not? A friend and I saw a film, then we decided to go to our favourite area in the city.The Kesington market is one of our favourite places to get  a slice of pizza and just walk around check out the shops and meet interesting people. We later visited  the black market, which is a thrift shop on Queen Street West where everything is $10. We spent the day eating pizza, buying new fall pieces and watching movies. It was surely a satisfying Saturday!

What I Wore:

Choker Top from H&M

Duster Coat from Dynamite

Bag by Steve Madden

Boots from Additionelle from the Fergalicious collection

Jeans from H&M

until next time,

xoxo Jess

@Jmfashionista  (Instagram)


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All I Want

Outfit one: Bralette: urban planet $14 Jean jacket: Charlotte Rousse $20 Long skirt:smart set $8 Shoes:American eagle $26 Hat:Hudson bay Outfit two: T shirt:urban planet $5 Leather shorts: H&M $15 Sunnies: Marc Jacobs $45 Shoes: American eagle $26 Hello everyone, I had an amazing weekend as I went to Québéc to visit family. It was… Continue reading All I Want