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Montreal venuseudora

Hello Everyone,

Have you ever heard the saying “Dreams are road signs along the nighttime highway of sleep” ? I haven’t, but for as long I can remember, I have always believed that dreams were significant. If you are lucky enough to remember your dreams, you should always try to analyze them. The images you see while asleep can reveal important challenges and opportunities that exist in your real life.

It has become a regular routine to diagnose the meaning of my dreams. And recently, I have been doing it for my friends too. Next time you have a wild, scary or sexy dream don’t think of it as a direct message. Most of the time you need to delve deeper to fully understand what your subconscious is trying to say.

Since keeping up with this routine, I have discovered many things about my inner self.    And maybe this practice can help you solve a current situation you are facing.

So next time you dream,

  1. Write down every moment you can recall.
  2. Chronologically arrange images & symbols from start to finish.
  3. Research keywords by using sites like
  4. Compile all the definitions together and read the entirety with an open mind.

The more frequently you decipher your dreams, the more you will notice a pattern.    This pattern will make you aware of the challenges you are facing, if you have overcome them or if you are still working through them.

Try it! I would love to read your experiences in the comments. What was your latest dream?


Denim shirt – Guess?

Leather shorts – H&M

Shoes – Thirfted

Watch – Michael Kors

Purse – Thrifted


Until next time,

xoxox Jess




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