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Begin Again


Hello everyone,

*please excuse the poor quality of the photo above

Welcome to 2017 – we made it !  A new year represents the chance to begin again. A popular topic would be to discuss new year resolutions, but to be honest, I find that notion slightly dated. Since a resolution means that you make a firm decision to do or not to do something. My ‘resolution’ is to not make any concrete decisions. I feel 2017 is the perfect time to make less decisions and be more carefree.

This year- all that I hope to achieve is to take on the opportunities that help me grow. These opportunities can be self-created, be given, and may change aspects of my life. Maybe I will want to learn a new skill, be more spontaneous, be given a dilemma, or become a morning person (that won’t happen).

A new year allows us to focus on the aspects of ourselves that we might of missed in the previous year. 

What are your thoughts about resolutions? Do you have any in mind ? What opportunities are you hoping for in 2017?


Black Dress from Urban Planet

Until next time,

xoxo  Jess



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