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Trust in Progress

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Hello everyone,

It has been a while since I posted a look (sorry!). Life has finally caught up to me and I have been very busy juggling work, friends and time for myself. I came across this quote from a novel called `The Book of Tomorrow` that has resonated with me.

“You should not try to stop everything from happening. Sometimes you are meant to feel emotions that are not necessarily enjoyable. It is because they are necessary to getting to the next part of yourself.“ (*altered/shortened)

I found this to be a powerful message for anyone. Looking back, so much has changed since I decided to move to a new city and start a new job. All the emotions and experiences surrounding this has been a roller coaster but no doubt worth every minute. That is why I titled this post `Trust in Progress`because sometimes we forget to trust the progress we are doing and going to make within our lives. Time has a funny way of revealing things to us. And what we should focus on is the progress we are making now. What can I do now to make me happier, to make my loved ones happier? It is important to have trust in ourselves that we are doing everything we can to get to the next chapter of our lives. Hopefully in the next few days you too can reflect and discover how much you have grown as time has gone by.

I would like to wish everyone an amazing holiday season! I am heading to Mexico for a family Christmas vacation that I am so excited about.

For this post I had my friend & photographer Armando take these incredible photos for this grunge look.

The outfit: 

Bodysuit by La Vie En Rose

Jeans and belt  from H&M

Jean jacket from Abercrombie (mens)

Duster coat from H&M

L`Oreal burgundy Lipstick

until next time,

xoxox Jess








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