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Hello everyone!

April was an exciting month this year. It was my birthday, graduation and moving month. Not reasons for being away from this blog, but life happens sometimes. In the month of May, I am hoping to settle in the big city and get some warmer weather. There is one thing I love to shop for more than anything (other than food), and that is swimwear. To be honest, I am not sure why I liked bikini shopping so much, I just do! I am growing a collection of swimwear pieces and thought it would be fun to start off the month of May with some bikinis.


This is my most recent bikini that I purchased at Urban Planet. Each piece cost $5! So this bikini was just under $12. It has that Bay Watch vibrant red colour that is perfect for the beach.


The next one I have worn so many times because it just makes me feel like Barbie. This swimsuit is from La Vie En Rose, my favorite place to buy swimwear. It is bright pink and fits so well. This was on sale at the time I bought it for $25.IMG_3013The last suit is from La Vie En Rose as well. I got many compliments on this swimsuit while I was in Miami on vacation this past March.It has a high neckline that makes it somewhat sporty meets modern chick. This was a full priced item, but I forgot how much it was.


Those are my suits. If you have any suggestions of brands or websites to buy cool swimwear let me know!

Until next time,



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