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Hello Everyone!

This week was a crazy one, the piles of school work to be done is insane! I went to visit my mum in Toronto for a change and wore my new sport-tee dress from H&M I bought a couple of weeks ago. This dress is still out and pretty much new to the stores so if you like it, GRAB one! It is so stylish,flattering but edgy! I love mine, I wore to school with timberland boots and I felt like  hip hop style queen Kylie Jenner. (tbh) I also got a haircut! I love my longer hair but it was getting brittle, i wanted a trim but the hairdresser cut a little more than I planned.. I love the new look but I think it will take me forever to grow it back!

Anyways thanks for visiting! Also, be sure to check me out on  instagram @ Jmfashionista (Jess M)


xoxox Jess


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