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Summer Vacation Style


I spent 47 days exploring Europe, including Spain,Monaco,France,Italy,Belgium and Germany. Packing light for such a long trip was not easy especially when the summer weather turned into fall weather is some countries (Belgium/Germany). This is a collage of things i wore on my trip.I made sure to bring really casual pieces that were versatile.  On the top left, I am wearing this bohemian dress with a ashy beige skinny rope belt. On the top right, I am wearing something a little dressier but still giving off that casual feeling. A beaded top from Forever 21 matched with a high waisted relaxed cut black shorts from Topshop. On the bottom left, it was a chilly day in Germany. I wore a cropped denim jacket, printed scar, leggings and flowy pink blouse. On the bottom right, I was in the  boiling  heat of spain (my preferred weather temperature), wearing this black and white bustier swimsuit from Old Navy.

Until next time,

xoxox Jess


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