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Spring Time In The City

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Hello everyone,

The month of May has brought all the sunshine to Toronto – and I’m loving it! This month was a workforce hustle, and a time for self-reflection.  This brings me to the topic of this post. Have you ever caught yourself fitting into a mold? One of your own creation? I did.

For a long time, I created a outlook (aka, a mold) of myself.  A representative idea of the type of person I needed to be in the world.  You can simply call this an identity. But, I was being unfair. If you go about life fitting into a mold and always identifying with the rules of that mold, you’re not allowing yourself to discover new territories of your personality.  At one point, I was so attached to this self-made mold,  I would get defensive if someone claimed that I stepped out of it. My mold was to act classy, be self-reliant, act tough, keep a distance, and be analytical.  This identity was mostly shaped by my upbringing and by other factors. But that’s when I realized… I’ve CHANGED. I’ve LEARNED. I’ve EXPERIENCED.  Bottom-line, RULES DO NOT APPLY. 

Life is progressive and it takes more than a day to adapt to new outlooks.  With this post, I hope that you can recognize your mold, and can take that first step into breaking your own rules. Detach from any preconceived ideas of yourself, without doing so, you may be missing out.


Trench Coat – Thrifted

Jeans – Levi’s

Wrap Top  – Nordstrom

Sunglasses – Nordstrom

Boots – Rockport

Scarf – Bluenotes

Watch – Michael Kors


Until next time,

xoxox Jess



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True Colours

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Hello everyone,

Today. Right now, It is important to not care about what other people think. Especially in your twenties. This phase in your life is a decade full of mistakes and opportunities. Letting other people navigate your perception is stopping that process.

“We hide behind masks to show people a version of ourselves that was tailored just for them.”

I think that it is okay to experiment. It’s okay to wear a variety of masks, as long as you stay true to you. and, I do believe the more time we spend overthinking our looks, weight, rules, attitudes, work, and relationships. The less we are actually DOING.  And yes, life can be a little complicated but that’s just what life throws at us. The reason why I’m writing this is because, I too, have had a mental road block. I was self-conscious of how others thought of me. I spent time thinking about scenarios over and over. And that was time not well spent. Since then, I’ve trashed that negative outlook all together.

It’s time to be doubt free. You know what is right for you. And sometimes it may not be evidently right in front of you, but you do know and understand your wants & needs. And if by chance, you don’t – start doing things to help you discover them.

My advice is to step outside of that comfort zone. Take that leap of faith. Go on that road trip. Try that new look. Change your attitude. Embrace everything new. And do not be afraid to show all your beautiful colours.


Ruffle Top – Aerie

Trousers – Marciano

Handbag – Guess?

Boots – Clarks Shoes

Watch – Michael Kors


Until next time,

xoxoxo Jess

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Hello everyone,

Putting yourself first can be hard. So is being superwoman. A career, a personal and a social life – giving all your attention to everything generously is a lot to manage. but, it’s okay to take time just for you. It’s okay to be unapologetic when you need a day off. Self-care isn’t anything new. And it can be the most minute thing(s).

Self-care is not being selfish. it is a way to take a moment to say “Hey, I need to look after me, because I’m responsible for my happiness and well being.” The one person you should never neglect is YOU.  When is the last time you took a self-care day? A day devoted to rejuvenating your mood, your health, your inspirations – you. There are many ways you can implement self-care on a daily basis. What keeps you motivated, gets you to smile, or laugh, those are self-care things.

Some daily things you can do,

Log off social media

Make a cup of tea

Learn something new

Re-watch a favorite TV show or movie.

Make a playlist

Pamper yourself

Chat with someone

Reward yourself

Write your goals

Take a stroll outdoors

Nobody can do it all. And it’s not a requirement. Developing a deeper understanding of self is a strong asset to have and you can do that by practicing self-care. It can have any shape or form because it is created for you, by you. Whatever your self-care routine  looks like, it will differ from mine, and from someone else’s.  Just remember to be kind, to be grateful and to stay positive. You’re worth it.


Jeans – Levis Jeans

Dress – Urban Planet (worn as a top)

Belt – Thrifted


Until next time,

xoxo Jess


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On My Way


Hello Everyone,

Happy New Year! It’s that time of year again, when we evaluate everything around us. But this year, I am going to take a vow not to do that. Instead of evaluating my whole life and what it has become since 2017, I’m going to create more time to explore new things.

I learned a very important life lesson, that has only truly impacted my life the last couple of months – the value of time. If you are the master of your own life, you have probably learned to manipulate and save your valuable time in a way that makes the most sense to you.  We have little time to spend and even less time to give these days. But this does not make sense to me. Shouldn’t it be the opposite? Shouldn’t we have more time to give? and in return, we would be more fulfilled with the time that we spent because it was well spent on things and people that we care about?

I’m on my way to give my time to what matters.  And who you give your time to is equally important. So if you are going to reflect on something in January 2018, reflect on how well your time is spent. In the end, money and toxic people are not worth the time – and there is no overtime on time. You get what you get.

There are many things I would like to achieve and do this new year.  And I am going to dedicate the time to do it, because if not now then when?

What  would you like to do this 2018? How will you schedule your time? And what or who will you schedule your time for?


Sheer embroidery dress from Forever 21

Bralette from La Senza

Until next time,

xoxox Jess

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Lost in your light


Hello everyone!

The struggle of winter is here. I call it the winter-wardrobe syndrome. It is that tine of year when I  want to rewind and have summer back. Winters in Toronto fluctuate. Some winters are horribly cold and slushy, others mild and cozy. This becomes a problem for fashion forward people.

What do you wear to look fashionable but that allows you to keep warm ? I find it difficult. A couple of weeks back, some friends and I went to a warehouse sale in Mississauga.  I came back with such amazing items but they were not necessarily “Winter ready”.

This week Dua Lipa was having a concert and I wanted to style these high waisted sport pants, that is when I got stumped. I wanted to style an outfit in a certain way but I needed to be conscious of the weather. In this outfit, I styled these pants with a lacey black tank top and my signature booties from Clarks (I wore a winter coat on top of this). Dua Lipa was AMAZING!  Let me know how you dress for the colder season.


Tank top – vintage/thrift.

Pants – Guess?

Boots- Clarks

Backpack – H&M

Until next time,

xoxox Jess

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Speak Now

Toronto Style and Fashion venuseudora

Hello everyone!

We are in November now, and I can’t believe how fast this year has gone! Living in a big city has quite a lot of perks, and with having so much to do, you don’t even realize how much time has gone by. Lately, situations with friends and strangers has got me thinking about the topic of honesty, or more specifically – speaking your mind.

We have all been in that situation where we want to speak about something but we outweigh the pro’s and con’s because we think about how it may affect someone.  But how do you determine if you should speak now or hold something inside? Well folks, I thought of something that may help with your next ‘speak now’ dilemma.

When you find yourself in that situation, ask yourself three questions:

Is it kind?  (Don’t say it, if it isn’t nice)

Is it true? (It can be honest but is it truthful to the other person?)

Is it necessary? (Is your statement required? Will it aid the situation? Or will it damage it?)

To elaborate, here’s an example of something people do not normally say.

Would you tell a stranger that you think they have an ugly outfit? Would you? Because if you would, then you are seriously rude. But, the reasons why most people don’t say this to a stranger is because it is not kind, it is not fact (true), and it is DEFINITELY not necessary.

While we each have a voice in this world and I think it is a tool that we should use more often, there is always going to be that fine line between “to say” or ” not to say”.

Having a voice is powerful, but mindfulness is even greater. 

Be kind. Stay true. Be you.


Crop top from Topshop

Skirt from Marshalls

Boots from Clarks


Until next time,

xoxox Jess

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Hello everyone,

What a roller coaster of a month It’s been for September (no pun intended). September marked exciting events in my life – my first Friendcation.

A friendcation is a vacation you plan with your friend(s). And this trip to Orlando, Florida was in the works since February. We have talked about going on a trip together since college and it was finally becoming reality!

My week in Florida was tremendously humid and hot.  The photo above was taken at Disney’s Animal Kingdom where they have just opened a new attraction that is all about the AVATAR movie (Pandora World). As Disney parks go, all the attractions in this particular park are fun and interactive! Our favorites were Everest and the Flight of the Banschee. During our stay, we explored Magic Kingdom, Volcano Bay, Universal Studios and Island of Adventure. You can see more of my travel photos on Instagram @jmfashionista.

Most days I had a uniform of my denim shorts, a tank top, and my white sneakers.


Black tank top from Old Navy

Denim sea shell shorts from The Hudson Bay

White Sneakers from Naturalizer

Sea blue  long kimono from The Hudson Bay


Until next time,

xoxoxo Jess



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21198055_10213595909321070_1805905824_o21198414_10213595909721080_696458409_o (2)21198214_10213595909241068_1169505324_o

Hello Everyone!

In my friend group I’m known as the Foodie because of my curiosity for food, documentaries and nutrition. Healthy eating was not always a priority of mine. When it finally became something important to me, it started to feel similar as to being in a healthy relationship.

Think about it. Healthy eating is like being in a relationship because in many ways people struggle with their relationship with food.

Do you remember the last time you were in a bad relationship? Eating foods that do harm to your body is putting yourself in that bad relationship. Leaving you stuck. Stuck in a bad relationship that will only grant you short term benefits. When you know they (food) don’t do your body justice but you can’t seem to move on from them.

Your relationship with food is a relationship with yourself. It is a choice and it does require time, effort and change. I choose to practice healthy eating to treat my body well, so that I can live well. What about you?


Leather Shorts and White stripped crop top from H&M

Duster Coat from Forever 21

Sneakers from Payless

Until next time,

xoxox Jess

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venuseudora blog and style nordstrom dressvenuseudora nordstrom olive dress

Hello everyone,

  1. in a state of peaceful happiness.
    “She seemed more content, less bitter”

Today I thought that I would chat about happiness. At this moment if someone were to ask me if there is something I want or need, I would say no. In complete honesty, I am very happy. But as human beings our minds are constantly trying to find problems. And the people around us do it too.

So even though I am very happy in my life, my dearest friends, family and peers have asked me questions similar to these; Have you thought of a career change?  How are you still single? Should you move house? Should you be making more money? Should you be doing more? The list goes on…


Everyone is looking for the next step. Everyone has this habit of creating a void when there isn’t one. Everyone needs to STOP. Let’s start being advocates of contentment. Embrace the present and be in the moment. If you are happy, learn to enjoy it. And if you are unhappy, have the courage to change it.



Dress by Leith

Shoes from the Fergalicious Collection

Watch by Michael Kors


Until next time,

xoxoxxoxo Jess

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Don’t Let It Get Me


Hello everyone,

When is the last time you  remember putting on a cute outfit for yourself? Going to the movies because you wanted to? Ate that indulgent piece of chocolate because you don’t give a f*ck how much calories is in it? If you can’t remember the last time you did something purely for YOU. Then you need to STOP doing things for other people. Start by writing a list. Either big or small. And do them! Once you shift, you will begin to see more  happiness in your life.

“You have no responsibility to live up to what other people think you ought to accomplish. You have no responsibility to be like what they expect you to be. It is their mistake, not your failure ( The Happiness Equation – Neil Pasricha)

There are always going to be things you want to do – and you should not let yourself get in the way of doing them. Have the courage to shape your life in the way you want to form it! On my top watch list this month is LA based youtuber, Pbbunny97, she creates vlogs every week in detail about spirituality and affirmations in a fun-glamorous way. And my book recommendation is The Happiness Equation by Neil Pasricha, the book is very logical and an eye-opener.


Denim shirt with embroidery detailing from Guess?

Skirt from Winners

Necklace from India

Bracelet (Gifted)

Watch by Michael Kors

Handbag from Guess?

Boots from Clarks Shoes.


Until next time,

xoxoxox Jess

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It’s Vintage

IMG_7654IMG_7725Hello everyone,

have you ever heard the term “manifest” ? Recently, I have been diving into what it really means to manifest the things you want out of life.

First off, I would say that I am a very positive person but I don’t necessarily exude positive energy in my daily routine. Most mornings I feel too tired and not in the mood to force a smile 24/7. But if manifesting means to put out the energy you want to receive, wouldn’t that mean I would have to think about what I want to feel before I feel it?

If I want to be more energized, I would need to set my state of mind in such a way that I feel awake in the morning. And if I want to be more approachable, I would need to smile more, not just with my mouth but with my eyes and teeth (the proper way to smile).

For the month of August, I am going to challenge myself- and you, to exude more of what you want to become so you are one step closer of being THAT person.

There is some truth to manifesting because it is the quality of thinking positively throughout your day, to make yourself feel more of that energy/emotion. It might be a lesson of mind over matter.


Vintage patterned top by Esprit

black skirt from Value Village


Until next time,

xoxox Jess

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Love is Love


Hello Everyone,

I would argue that Toronto’s Pride  is one of the most exciting events of the year. The energy of the people, the European carefree atmosphere, the dancing and drinking in the streets, all of it seems like another world when you are there.

This year, I sadly missed the parade but attended in the evening when all the late night live shows and party music. I wanted to wear something colourful and fun, and that is when I re-discovered this short kimono from Forever 21 I bought 3-4 years ago. I revamped it by tying it in the middle to make a sort of crop top and it looked so cool! I paired this with high waisted leggings from Old Navy and a mini backpack from H&M.  My accessories were from vintage stores, India, and additional.

And just a friendly reminder that you should remember to always be yourself no matter what, and never apologize to anyone for just being who you are. Love is universal, love is real, and maybe you will be lucky enough to find it more than once.

until next time,

xoxxo Jess


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Another thing


Hello everyone,

I have never been a country music fan. It just so happens that I spending most of my time listening to pop hits, slow r&b songs and alternative rock, so there has never been an interest for country music- until now. My opinion has been changing, as country music has been changing too.

Country music fans, to me, seem to categorically place the genre into this tiny box. The music is either  clearly COUNTRY  or because it may have developed more of a pop/rock tone to the song, some fans dismiss it. But now  big country music stars are creating a new mould of country music with a modern flare, I have been hooked.

And I have a somewhat the country girl complex. I would say that I am very down-to-earth, I love to be outdoors, and I own 5 pairs of boots. Those are characteristics of a country girl. This event was centred around country music so I took inspiration from what I would define as a classic country girl. You can`t go wrong with a white lace dress! This dress is by BCBG MaxAzria one of my favourite ready to wear designers who unfortunately are calling bankruptcy. But this dress fit the bill for the evening. paired with these platform heels from Winners and a vintage bag taken from my mother`s closet.

until next time,

xoxox Jess 


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So Chic



Hello Everyone,

What an incredible week! From discovering new eateries (the Pie Comission), to going to concerts (Catfish and The Bottlemen), attending house parties and catching up with friends, this was an eventful week. We are in the month of May but it seems like Toronto missed the memo. It has not been the best weather with cold and rainy temperatures. And sometimes it creates a mood of laziness that is physically draining.

But with friends coming back from vacation and finishing school, I have been out of the house for most of the week. Saturday was reserved for a long awaited date night catching up with a friend over sushi (yum!). I love this flowy red-lace top from Dynamite that I paired with simple black leggings from Garage, and my black booties by Clarks.

On our date night, we got talking about our summer memories and how much we’re READY for beach days again. And you know for most girls who like shopping for shoes or beauty, I LOVE shopping for swimwear (I own like 7 swimsuits). And especially now when there are so many styles to choose from!

Adore Me is a great place to begin as they have extensive collections that have an array of sizes for every body type. I personally love the Dallys two piece swimsuit- its so flattering and sexy! Another favourite is this fiery red bikini!



If you are a swimwear addict like me- check out Adore Me! You can get $10 off by using the code SWIMSET10 on any Swimwear (VIP/PAYG orders).

Until next time,

xoxox Jess

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Hello everyone,

Spring weather is finally here but to be honest I am ready to sprint into summer. I want to wear dresses and ditch my winter jacket asap.

This month is a full schedule between birthdays, holidays, and work. So today is a quick outfit post.


Coat from Value Village

Jeans from Old Navy

Shirt from The Bay

Cardigan from Guess?

Boots from from Winners


until next time,

oxox Jess

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Hello everyone,

Do you remember what you wanted to be as a kid?

When I was younger I had several ideas of what I wanted to become. The ideas started from wanting to become an author, to fashion designer, chef, to entrepreneur. My reality today is that I work as a social media strategist and radio tracker.

I read something the other day that made me think of my childhood aspirations.

“How do you want to be remembered ?”

This is a powerful statement, and  I use it to develop strategies in my work as well as my personal life. Defining how you want to be remembered is the first step to moving forward, obtain goals and happiness. It can be applied to many situations; How do you want to be remembered when you die? How do you want your peers to remember you? Your friends? Yourself ?

After some thought I came to this conclusion, I want to be remember for my honesty, my independence, my strength, my work and my loyal relationships with others. Step two would be to reflect on this. For all the things I want to be remembered for, they should reflect what I am currently doing. Are you doing things in your life that reflect how you want to be remembered?

This is definitely a process but reflection helps us get back on track!


Dress (that was too short, so I wore it as a top) from Urban Planet

Jeans from H&M

Boots from Clarks Shoes


Until next time,

xoxox Jess

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Independent Woman


outfit twdy4

Hello everyone,

Is there such a thing as being too independent?

This is not anything new to me. Friends and acquaintances have told me numerous times that I am a very independent person. But now I’m questioning if being independent is a good or bad thing. Can you become too independent?

We can assume that being overly dependent or co-dependent  can be unhealthy. But I think that there is also flaws in becoming too independent.

And yes- I do pride myself in being an independent woman. I pay rent, buy groceries, go shopping and volunteer by myself. But being independent doesn’t just mean paying your own way. It is about taking care of yourself and because of that, when everything you do is for yourself the flaw is that it can be a lot of pressure. If you are always “taking care of business” you miss out on experiences with other people and you can become rigid.

For example, when you let others help you with something that you’re having trouble with, you are  demonstrating that you trust in them. Letting your guard down to let someone else help control a situation can make the other person feel good. Many people enjoy doing kind gestures for others. Maybe sparing your pride and being flexible for a moment can be beneficial. When you do everything on your own you build a routine and sometimes forget to step out of that routine to cultivate new experiences with others.

So what do you think? Is being too independent a thing? Should we try to learn a balance of the two?


Skirt from Winners

Crop top from Urban Planet

Jacket from Laura


Until next time,

xox Jess


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The Hue

picture 2

picture 1


Hello Everyone,

” Bold accessories are a woman’s armour ” – Rachel Zoe

Fashion influencers, photographers and models are flooding the streets of Toronto this week and it is what I love about this city. Personal creativity is something I highly value in my life. Whatever creative project comes to mind, whether it’s writing a song, cooking a new recipe or taking on photography. Setting aside time to let your ideas come to life is a very soothing stress-free practice.

For the month of March, Toronto Men’s Fashion Week (TOM*) begins. Another opportunity to meet eccentric personalities and to be involved in the world of fashion. The challenge for this week is all about being bold. To dress bolder, speak bolder and to wear bold accessories.


Jeans by H&M

Dress/Shirt from Urban  Planet

Duster jacket by BCBG

Boots from Clarks

Clutch  from Value Village/thrifted


Until next time,

xoxo Jess



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Under the Moonlight


ootd tom2.jpg

Hello everyone,

There is something beautiful about city skylines. I love the way the Toronto skyline looks at night. The way all the city lights reflect onto the water. It just illuminates a feeling that ‘you can do anything in this moment’. Don’t you think ?

Tonight was a special night as TOM* (Toronto Men’s Fashion week) begins its 2017 season of runway shows. Saturday night was TOM*’S Opening Party at Rebel Nightclub.

Social events can make anybody nervous. Going up to strangers can seem daunting to some of us. And deciding what outfit to wear can be even more troublesome.  But we sometimes need to remember that everyone feels this way sometime or another. And hey- parties are supposed to be fun. The event was full of really fun people and I am glad that I was had the opportunity to attend.  I wore this black bodycon dress from Dynamite and my black booties from Clarks.

Hope all of you are doing amazing!

Until next time,

xoxox Jess

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In The Reef


Hello Everyone,

“Life is like the ocean. It can be calm. It can be still. It can be rough but in the end, it is always beautiful.”

Does anyone remember those fun field trips you used to venture on with your school friends ? Sometimes you would be on a school bus driving to the zoo. Other times they might of been a local farm or museum.

I looked back on those fun experiences with my childhood friends. I thought about the sugar shack field trip (the place where they produce maple syrup and you eat yummy pancakes) and thought- why not visit places like this again ? Going back to these places would take you out of your normal routine and maybe give you a little nostalgia.

This Monday is recognised as Family Day, a statutory holiday in Canada.  We took on this idea since it was a long weekend. We went to visit the Ripley’s Aquarium  and the next morning we ate maple syrup filled pancakes at the sugar shack. It was a fulfilling weekend of new and old experiences that had been forgotten.

For this weeks challenge, I challenge readers to re-try something they have not done in months, days or even years.It is fun to be a kid again and experience your community in a different way.


Coat from Value Village

Shirt and jeans from H&M

Boots from Additionelle

Choker from La Senza

Bag from Guess?


Until next time,

xoxox Jess

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Winter Layers


Hello Everyone !

I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday. In the winter months staying warm but still showcasing your personal style can be somewhat tricky. Not having many winter pieces can also create more of a challenge (my situation). You have probably seen this oversized scarf in a previous post because it is the only one I have, and it is very warm.

So how should we dress in the winter- LAYERING. You can layer with scarves, duster coats, button downs and sweaters.  Layering is how I survive Toronto weather.  For this outfit, I picked up this thrifted jacket from Value Village ($20). The length and classic cut of the jacket is perfect for seasonal transitioning, winter to spring.  I am wearing a white turtleneck sweater from The Black Market (queen st w) with the oversized scarf. That is 3 layers of clothing to beat the  -5 celcius temperatures.

Coming soon are some exciting new projects with local boutiques that I am excited to share with you in the next month. So stay tuned and stay warm !


Coat: ME-Jay Montreal, Value Village

Sweater: The Black Market

Scarf: Bluenotes

Watch: Michael Kors

Handbag: Guess?

Jeans: H&M

Boots: Clarks

Until next time,

xoxox Jess




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Hello Everyone,

Last night I saw the latest thriller by M night shyamalan, Split. Also, I really love James McAvoy. The movie incorporated some jumping and comedic scenes. I though it was well done but nothing note worthy. But if thrillers are your thing, go see the film !

It`s a fantasy, just a fantasy. Lately, my mind has been fantasising  about EVERYTHING. From achieving promotions at work, to buying an amazing Rag & Bone leather jacket, and let`s not forget those romantic fantasies too (knight in shining armor stuff).

Not sure if I should be concerned by this or let it be. Fantasies are healthy because they can help us realise what we are seeking in life… but if you go overboard you can get step outside of reality a little too far.

What are things you day dream about ? Has a fantasy been taken too far ?


Jeans by H&M

Top (dress that I am wearing as a shirt) from Urban Planet

Scarf from Bluenotes

belt from H&M

boots by Clarks


until next time,

xoxox Jess

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Hello Everyone,

Cuz I have been nothing but good to you. Your howling into the night won’t do. –Léon

I don’t enjoy shopping as much as I used to. The mall was a place I often went to meet friends for a day of shopping on a  Saturday or Sunday. But nowadays I find them quite crowded and leave me empty handed. Lately I have been venturing to local shops (black market), and off-the-street department stores (Zara, H&M, NYX). This way of shopping seems to be more enjoyable. You are more outdoors, you step inside shops you would not have noticed otherwise and I ACTUALLY buy something.

If there are any local places you like to shop in TO, let me know ! Note: I am a picky buyer. I do not buy clothes too often unless I see it as a sustainable piece in my wardrobe. In these photos, I visited the Zara store on Queen Street West. They were having a huge sale where I did find an item that I wanted to buy. But sadly, they did not carry the boots in my size (cries *-*). This was what I wore for a day of shopping.


Jeans and belt from H&M

Sweater from Kenar

Boots by Rockport

Rose gold watch by Michael Kors

Oversized Cardigan from  Selected/femme


Until next time,

xoxox Jess

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Begin Again


Hello everyone,

*please excuse the poor quality of the photo above

Welcome to 2017 – we made it !  A new year represents the chance to begin again. A popular topic would be to discuss new year resolutions, but to be honest, I find that notion slightly dated. Since a resolution means that you make a firm decision to do or not to do something. My ‘resolution’ is to not make any concrete decisions. I feel 2017 is the perfect time to make less decisions and be more carefree.

This year- all that I hope to achieve is to take on the opportunities that help me grow. These opportunities can be self-created, be given, and may change aspects of my life. Maybe I will want to learn a new skill, be more spontaneous, be given a dilemma, or become a morning person (that won’t happen).

A new year allows us to focus on the aspects of ourselves that we might of missed in the previous year. 

What are your thoughts about resolutions? Do you have any in mind ? What opportunities are you hoping for in 2017?


Black Dress from Urban Planet

Until next time,

xoxo  Jess


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Trust in Progress

jess3.jpgjsss2.jpgjess photo1.jpg

Hello everyone,

It has been a while since I posted a look (sorry!). Life has finally caught up to me and I have been very busy juggling work, friends and time for myself. I came across this quote from a novel called `The Book of Tomorrow` that has resonated with me.

“You should not try to stop everything from happening. Sometimes you are meant to feel emotions that are not necessarily enjoyable. It is because they are necessary to getting to the next part of yourself.“ (*altered/shortened)

I found this to be a powerful message for anyone. Looking back, so much has changed since I decided to move to a new city and start a new job. All the emotions and experiences surrounding this has been a roller coaster but no doubt worth every minute. That is why I titled this post `Trust in Progress`because sometimes we forget to trust the progress we are doing and going to make within our lives. Time has a funny way of revealing things to us. And what we should focus on is the progress we are making now. What can I do now to make me happier, to make my loved ones happier? It is important to have trust in ourselves that we are doing everything we can to get to the next chapter of our lives. Hopefully in the next few days you too can reflect and discover how much you have grown as time has gone by.

I would like to wish everyone an amazing holiday season! I am heading to Mexico for a family Christmas vacation that I am so excited about.

For this post I had my friend & photographer Armando take these incredible photos for this grunge look.

The outfit: 

Bodysuit by La Vie En Rose

Jeans and belt  from H&M

Jean jacket from Abercrombie (mens)

Duster coat from H&M

L`Oreal burgundy Lipstick

until next time,

xoxox Jess







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Edge of Mystery


Hello Everyone!

“I love you. Don’t you mind, don’t you mind.” – The 1975

The countdown is on, and The 1975 will be playing at the Air Canada Centre in the next week. Following The Killers and The Kooks, the 1975 have been my new favourite band. I am so excited to listen to them live.

Saturday was a day out. Started the morning off by seeing a movie at 9:30 am. Yes – I did wake up early for something, on a weekend. It was free movies at Cineplex on Oct 22nd for community day so I thought… why not? A friend and I saw a film, then we decided to go to our favourite area in the city.The Kesington market is one of our favourite places to get  a slice of pizza and just walk around check out the shops and meet interesting people. We later visited  the black market, which is a thrift shop on Queen Street West where everything is $10. We spent the day eating pizza, buying new fall pieces and watching movies. It was surely a satisfying Saturday!

What I Wore:

Choker Top from H&M

Duster Coat from Dynamite

Bag by Steve Madden

Boots from Additionelle from the Fergalicious collection

Jeans from H&M

until next time,

xoxo Jess

@Jmfashionista  (Instagram)


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Fall Essentials 

Hello everyone ! Today is Friday and that means it’s time for the weekend , who doesn’t like the sound of that ? Tomorrow night is the famous Nuit Blanche in Toronto. This will be my first time attending and exploring the late night foods and art work around the city. As the weather cools… Continue reading Fall Essentials 

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In my mind 

Hello Everyone! What has been new ? I am officially a brunette now! I went from blonde to a golden brown for the fall. I am quite happy the way the colour turned out, since I dyed it at home. What do you think? For my outfit, the occasion was food (haha I am being… Continue reading In my mind 

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City Gleam

Hello everyone !

September is the month of “happenings”. There is The TIFF, where celebrities from all over are staying in the city of Toronto. And with the cooler breeze coming out, everyone’s grabbing their bomber and leather jackets.

Fall is my favourite style season. The colour palette of dark greens, burgundies and purples look amazing on every piece at every store! I can’t resist statement jackets and tailored jeans.

It has been a fun month so far exploring new parts of Toronto and my good friend has moved back to the city, and we have been planning to visit places like the AGO and the Ripleys Aquarium.

So I challenge you to explore your city and see what adventures come up!


Top from Winners

Duster coat and shorts are from Forever 21

Necklace from a boutique in The Netherlands

Photographs were taken by my friend, Armando. Go check out his page : @armando_lazcano



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Tips for Healthy Living 

Hello everyone, For today I thought I would blog about something different. Typically I would only post lookbook-style related content. However, I think it is time to share another part of my life that is truly important – living a healthy lifestyle. I love to cook and eat. It is something I truly love doing… Continue reading Tips for Healthy Living 

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All I Want

Outfit one: Bralette: urban planet $14 Jean jacket: Charlotte Rousse $20 Long skirt:smart set $8 Shoes:American eagle $26 Hat:Hudson bay Outfit two: T shirt:urban planet $5 Leather shorts: H&M $15 Sunnies: Marc Jacobs $45 Shoes: American eagle $26 Hello everyone, I had an amazing weekend as I went to Québéc to visit family. It was… Continue reading All I Want

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Hello Everyone, I have been doing lots these past few weeks and I have been trying to get into the swing of things again.   I love summer outfits because they are fun and eperimental. I just love hot weather, fudge sundaes and outdoor sports. If you read my previous post you would know that… Continue reading Views

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By the beach
On the pier

Hello everyone!

Spring break was so fun! I visited the Bahamas and Turks &Caicos over the break. I purchased this sporty two-piece swimsuit from La Vie En Rose Aqua. I was pleased with it since it was a perfect suit for watersports! Diving, kayaking and jumping into the ocean, everything keeps together with this swimsuit. A few women had asked me where I purchased the suit, so I thought I would review. I purchase so much swimwear from la vie en rose. I find it is good quality for a fair price and they have styles for everyone!

check out more on my insta! @Jmfashionista

until next time,

xoxo Jess

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Hello everyone.

This is a simple lazy sunday outfit. Simple Tee with well fitted jeans. To make this more stylish I just add a cool pair of booties and select a tee shirt that has an interesting detail. This Tee has see through lace along the sides! Tee shirt is from Dynamite, jeans Rebecca minkof collection from Winners and these boots are also winners.

Until next time,

xoxo Jess

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Right Where You Want


Hi everyone,

Back to Mexico where the sun is still shinning is where I would love to be. I miss the outdoor activities and sunshine! I love shopping for swimsuits, I am not sure why I just love it! I remember when I got this swimsuit from La vie en rose. I tried it twice before buying it because the price tag was higher than I would of liked. But for my body type it proves to be difficult to find one piece suits for my long torso where my boobs are fully covered. It was worth the price tag of $70! This week I posted this photo on instagram and who knew that La vie en rose would reblog it to their insta profile! It was a cool surreal moment of the week!

Did you have a moment this week?


Until next time,

xoxox Jess

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All On Me

Montreal Mosaic Outfitmosaic photo 2 venuseudora


Montreal venuseudora

Hello Everyone,

Have you ever heard the saying “Dreams are road signs along the nighttime highway of sleep” ? I haven’t, but for as long I can remember, I have always believed that dreams were significant. If you are lucky enough to remember your dreams, you should always try to analyze them. The images you see while asleep can reveal important challenges and opportunities that exist in your real life.

It has become a regular routine to diagnose the meaning of my dreams. And recently, I have been doing it for my friends too. Next time you have a wild, scary or sexy dream don’t think of it as a direct message. Most of the time you need to delve deeper to fully understand what your subconscious is trying to say.

Since keeping up with this routine, I have discovered many things about my inner self.    And maybe this practice can help you solve a current situation you are facing.

So next time you dream,

  1. Write down every moment you can recall.
  2. Chronologically arrange images & symbols from start to finish.
  3. Research keywords by using sites like
  4. Compile all the definitions together and read the entirety with an open mind.

The more frequently you decipher your dreams, the more you will notice a pattern.    This pattern will make you aware of the challenges you are facing, if you have overcome them or if you are still working through them.

Try it! I would love to read your experiences in the comments. What was your latest dream?


Denim shirt – Guess?

Leather shorts – H&M

Shoes – Thirfted

Watch – Michael Kors

Purse – Thrifted


Until next time,

xoxox Jess